World Trade Organization Essay Award for Young Economists

World Trade Organization Essay Award for Young Economists

Since 2009, the World Trade Organisation has launched the Essay award for young economists with the goal of developing high-quality economic work on related topics within the WTO, and WTO and improving the collaboration between the WTO and the academic community. This initiative offered opportunities for young Ph.D. students to perform economic study and research in order to invest extensively in patterns and trade.

For 2020 the WTO invited the applicants, not to more than CHF 15,000 for a visit to the International Conference of the European Trade Study Group in Ghent, Belgium, and to present their idea concerning foreign policy and international trade cooperation.


Grants and Awards 

  • In the WTO sequence of Working Papers, the winning essay will be written.
  • Funding is given to the winners to attend the conference.
  • At the annual meeting of the European Trade Study Group’s Foreign Specialist Conference, the winning essay will be officially revealed.
  • Each winner receives CHF 5000 and is split equally if joined by co-authors.


  • Essay
  • CV
  • Transcripts
  • Academic achievement


  • The defense of a PhD must not be more than two years unless the candidate is over 30 years of age.
  • Your PhD degree should be in related areas.
  • The essay’s topics
    • rade policy and international trade cooperation

How to apply

Applicant can Apply via email: [email protected]

For more information please visit the official website