World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program 2020 – Japan

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Masters Degree

Taxation Policy and management

The personnel development program for promising tax staff in the field of tax policy and administration Since 1996, Keio University’s Graduate School of Business and Trade has educated promising tax staff in the field of tax policy and administration with its Masters in Tax Policy and Administration. In a partnership between public and private institutions, this initiative brings together the collaboration of Keio University, Japan’s National Tax Agency (NTA), and the World Bank.

Funded by the JAPAN GOVERNMENT and managed by WORLD BANKKeio University, Japan’s leading private university, the program was developed as one of the Joint Japan / World Bank Graduate Scholarship (JJ / WBGSP) collaboration programs. The JJ / WBGSP is a staff training program funded by the Government of Japan and run by the World Bank, providing scholarships to help developing countries improve their human resources.

Keio University’s theoretical and practical program, the National Tax Agency of Japan (NTA) Keio University’s Graduate School of Business and Commerce and the National Tax Agency have responded to this JJ / WBGSP mission by training five tax policy and management scholars each year. In order to become experts in developing taxation policies, participants are required to return to their home countries.

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