World Bank Graduate Scholarship at Asia Pacific University in Japan – Joint Japan

You can apply to Asia Pacific University for a World Bank Bursary if you wish to study at Asia Pacific University and seek to fund your studies through a scholarship.

In order to create an international community of highly trained professionals who will work in economic and social development, the joint Japan / Working Bank graduate scholarship program is a fully-funded international scholarship program for students. For candidates participating in this bursary, applications should be sent first to Asia Pacific University. The research agency (World Bank) will be recommended to select candidates. Preferred candidates can apply directly to the World Bank.

Details | Joint Japan

Benefits | World Bank Scholarship

  • Tuition fee
  • living expenses – 144,000 JPY
  • Trival Expenses – 500 USD

Eligibility | World Bank Scholarship

  • Candidate should be World Bank member
  • Candidate should no have dual citizenship
  • Not be World Bank staff

How to apply

Note: Result of scholarship application will be notified in July