Which Subject you should study in kankor

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I have done lots of research and talk to all teachers that they are teaching for the kankor proportion test I mention some of the Teachers Qais Rabeen qarzi, Khamush, Kabir Samimi, Hanifullah Hakimi, Wahid Khair khwah, Masood Kabir, I especially thank from each of them.

They said: Kankor Test is offered by the Ministry of Higher Education each year, students should take courses to proper them in a good way and very fast and they should able to answer the questions to pass there exam. we know that exam is not easy there is lots of difficult question according to school books, but there is a trick to learn fast like mathematic or physic its not a good way to learn everything alone in home because there is lots of mathematic question that they can not solve it the should make a group of people and solve it, everyone share their ideas and what the know about the question.

Qais Raben qarzi said: I teach more than 2000 students each year I have got an idea from them every subject should be learned in Schedule, not every subject at one time because they forget the main topic that they have learned.

Which Subject have more Scour?

you should study all subjects that the teacher teaches you in school all of the subjects have equal scour.

What people say?

people will say that mathematic have more scour in kankor but it is not true all subjects have equal number Example: Pashtu 1.50 scour or mathematic also have 1.50 scour there are 150 questions every question have 1,50 point the target is to complete 360 Scour in your kankor exam

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