What is the Top Scour of kankor Exam

We know to get a top point or scour is difficult in kankor but you should be able to answer more than 120 questions to pass your exam.

Which types of Universities have Afghanistan?

types of university

In Afghanistan, there are lots of universities to study but there are two types of university Government university and Privat university.

Gov University: you should pass the kankor exam and there is no monthly cost or university cost Gov will pay for all of them.

This Uni Is In Kabul but every province of Afghanistan have own university

Privat university: it is easy to get in the university there is a simple exam but you should give the monthly fee and others cost that university need.

Which Uni In Kabul Is private?

Top universities you can apply now.

  1. Kardan University
  2. Dunya University
  3. American University of Afghanistan
  4. Bakhtiar university
  5. Salam University
  6. Mashal University
  7. Churagh University

There are lots of universities you can also find it locally

Ministry Of Higher Education