UNWTO Healing Solutions for Tourism Challenge

The UNWTO Healing Solutions for Tourism Challenge is an international challenge to developers, pioneers with a plan to chase out the COVID-19 effect on tourism through environmental, cultural, and destination management solutions. This mission would help the passengers, companies, and authorities and in a situation will be referred to SDGs. The system accepts students from across the world.


  • Opportunity type: Funded
  • Opportunity: Competition
  • Awarding Country: United State
  • Gender: Male and Organization
  • Organizer: UNWTO
  • Availability: International
  • Deadline: 15 April 2020


Category types
Healing for people
Healing for prosperity:
Healing for destination:
  • Healing for people
    • The approaches will concentrate on protection steps, sanitization processes, early warning for tourism and travel-related stakeholders and others.
  • Healing for prosperity
    • In this area, the approach focuses on digital solutions for tourism, social economy, circular economy, market management, demand recovery, innovation, and related fields for the immediate and long-term future deployment of the all-sector.
  • Healing for destination
    • The approach in this area focuses on rehabilitation strategies for targets, disaster coordination, conflict prevention, improvement, re-branding of tourism destinations, trust traveling rehabilitation.


Benefits Category
Digital booklet
Business presentation
Network opportunity with UNWTO innovation
  • Digital booklet: would have access to more than 150 ministers and information from the best tourism rehabilitation providers.
  • Business presentation: Connect to policymakers around the world with IE University Wow Room Secretary-General of UNWTO, an creative place to discuss the ideas.
  • Network opportunity with UNWTO innovation: More than 5000 tourism-related start-ups, 930 companies, 300 public institutions, 50 colleges, 30 incubators, and 200 investors will be associated.


  • Any startup, businessmen, and innovators from every part of the globe who have ideas who are eager to introduce to extract the impacts of COVID-19 in tourism.
  • Technologies exist for any system, mechanism, governing framework, social development projects, emerging technology implementations.


Documents you need
Application form
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How to apply

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