UNITAR Free Online Courses 2020

UNITAR offers free online courses with end certificates to international students to pursue a higher degree.

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Details | UNITAR

  • Opportunity type: Fully funded
  • Opportunity: Online courses
  • Study type: Online
  • Organizer: UNITAR
  • Gender: Male and Female
  • Availability: International
  • Deadline: Flexible

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Courses | UNITAR

There is 21 free online courses that you can apply now

  1. E-tutorial on climate responsive budgeting
  2. E-tutorial on climate policy and public finance
  3. E- tutorial on climate information and services
  4. human health and climate change
  5. Cities and climate change
  6. children and Climate change
  7. REDD+ Academy E-Course
  8. Introduction to security sector reform
  9. Environment, Natural Resources, and UN Peacekeeping Operations: Restoring Governance of natural resources.
  10. Introduction to Environment, Natural Resources, and UN Peacekeeping Operations
  11. UN CC: Learn Introductory E-learning course on Climate Change
  12. Milestones in UN Peacekeeping
  13. Gender Matters
  14. Strengthening Civilian Capacities to protect civilians
  15. Conflict Series
  16. Integrated planning for climate change and biodiversity: you will learn the nexus between biodiversity, climate change, and land-use plans.
  17. Human Rights and the Environment: learn the relationship between human rights and the environment and environmental issues.
  18. introduction to the 2030 Agenda: A new agenda for a sustainable world.
  19. Mainstreaming the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
  20. E-Tutorial on Global Framework for Climate Services: The importance and benefits of climate services for decision making in several thematic areas.
  21. Confronting Trauma- A primer for global action

How to apply

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