Free Courses Opens to the public at the United States Education and Research Institute (UNITAR). Courses that are delivered free of charge several times a year.


  • Integrated planning for climate change and biodiversity: you will learn the nexus between biodiversity, climate change, and land-use plans.
  • Human Rights and the Environment: learn the relationship between human rights and the environment and environmental issues.
  • introduction to the 2030 Agenda: A new agenda for a sustainable world.
  • Mainstreaming the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
  • E-Tutorial on Global Framework for Climate Services: The importance and benefits of climate services for decision making in several thematic areas.
  • Confronting Trauma- A primer for global action
  • Strengthening Civilian Capacities to protect civilians
  • Conflict Series
  • Gender Matters
  • UN CC: Learn Introductory E-learning course on Climate Change
  • Milestones in UN Peacekeeping ]
  • Introduction to Environment, Natural Resources, and UN Peacekeeping Operations
  • Environment, Natural Resources, and UN Peacekeeping Operations: Restoring Governance of natural resources.
  • Introduction to security sector reform
  • REDD+ Academy E-Course
  • children and Climate change
  • Cities and climate change
  • human health and climate change
  • E- tutorial on climate information and services
  • E-tutorial on climate policy and public finance
  • E-tutorial on climate responsive budgeting

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