Talent Meets Bertelsmann Program 2020

Talent Meets Bertelsmann Program 2020

Talents Meet Bertelsmann is an annual international networking event to host and provide the platform for the talents of entrepreneurial and innovative mindsets to join TMB’s 2020 international networking event.

You are the right person to apply if you are prepared to shape the modern world and are an ambitious entrepreneur who is worried about the media environment and data-oriented business model.



  • People who are graduated from or currently are a student with great enthusiasm in information and data science in business, culture, humanities, information administration, journalism, market analysis or informatics.
  • Talents who are eager and excited about emerging technology, technologies to build creative business models.
  • Strong business, technology and innovation capacity that previously gained experience in projects outside academia.
  • Students or graduates with higher academic performance in written and oral Language, and good analytical and communication skills.

Opportunity process

Six processes are organized

  1. Application period
  2. Participants’ selection
  3. Invitation
  4. 3-day networking event with workshops
  5. Joining TMB community
  6. City tours for the winning teams

Benefits of event

  • Accommodation expense
  • Travel expense

Awards from event

The winning teams are invited to invite them to the Bertelsmann international summits.

How to apply

Apply Now

For more information please visit the official website