Story of governor daughters

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Every night in bed, a governor was thinking about his daughter’s future who to give her daughter to suit her.

One night he called his minister and asked him to go to the mosque at night to find a youth fit for his daughter who would prefer night prayers and prayers …

Ironically, the thief had planned to steal that mosque that night to steal whatever mosque he could get so before the minister and his soldiers arrived he closed the door and climbed up the wall of the mosque and entered the mosque.

While searching for incense, the minister and his soldiers came in and heard the thief open the door so he could not find a way to himself until he began to pray.

The soldiers came in and saw him praying,
The Minister said: Sohrab Allah! What a joy this young man has for praying.
Fearing the horror of the hermeneutics was over, she began another prayer.

Until the minister ordered the soldiers to be careful not to start another prayer and bring it back,
And so he took the young minister to the governor.

And the governor, who heard the minister’s definition of young prayers and prayers, said to him, “You are the one I had long wanted and wanted to be my son-in-law. Now I am marrying my daughter and you will be the ruler of this country.

The young man who heard this was shocked and did not believe what he had seen and heard, shook his head in embarrassment and said to himself, “God has made me an emir and have married the ruling daughter, only with the night prayer that she feared. I read it! If this prayer was for your sincerity and fear, what would you give me and what would be your gift if I read from faith and sincerity?

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