Selfie with the latest McDonald’s cheeseburger in Iceland

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selfie with the latest McDonald’s cheeseburger in Iceland

latest McDonald's cheeseburger in Iceland
latest McDonald’s cheeseburger in Iceland

About 5 years ago all McDonald’s restaurants in Iceland were closed.
At that time, Hawthorne Smarsson decided to buy his latest fried burger and potato: “I had heard that McDonald’s dishes were never broken, so I wanted to see if this was right.”
Over the past 5 years, this burger and potato seem to have been prepared about a week ago.
These burgers are now stored in a glass box in a hostel. while
For the first three years, he was kept only in a plastic bag and in the garage of Mr. Smarson’s house.
A note left beside the glass box reads: “Hi. I’m the last McDonald’s cheeseburger in Iceland that was sold in the year 2009. Let’s get a Salafist together.
Make sure you hashtag it with #lastbeurgerselfie and storehouse. “

if you want to watch it live click here ( Watch Live )

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