Results of Successful Candidates Examination in India ICCR Scholarship 1398

Nominated candidates for undergraduate, masters and doctoral degrees in India’s ICCR scholarships by the Embassy of Kabul, India, which nominated the Honorary Embassy in an official mailing list after successfully completing the aforementioned scholarship exam. Have sent.
In addition to the announcement of the successful candidate list, there are 26 bachelors,481 masters, and 139 doctoral candidates, so list holders can do the following before February 28, 2019.

  • Register with the Ministry of Higher Education Scholarship Management System at
  • Registration to the Online Scholarship Portal (ICCR) via the following
  • Successful candidates are required to complete all required forms in the Ministry of Higher Education scholarship management system including:
    • Scholarship Candidate Form
    • Letter of Commitment
    • Line Guarantee (Two Relatives Close)
    • Health form (to be completed at one of the valid health centers)
    • School Transcript – Shahadatnamh
    • Diploma (Past Degree)
    • Transcript of grades (past grade)
    • Scholarship Form Application through Portal Site (ICCR)

A copy of the form from Ministry of higher education and summited to Submit to the Department of Foreign Relations officie number 21, 22

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