Radio Azadi – Student girls in universities 2019 facing major problems


Radio Azadi – Girls student facing big Difficulties in Universities 2019

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Radio Zadi has got proof that the Kabul university teachers take advantage of girls student to pass them in his subject.

the radio Azadi journalist aks more than 50 university girls student the have said some of the teachers aks them to have sex with them to pass in the exam.

One of the students that said we should not share there name said in every exam the teacher ask me to sleep with him and I will pass the exam if I don’t do it I can’t pass the exam.

The Student said the teacher is like a father, he teaches us what is good or bad how we can succeed in our life but all the time he says me your so beautiful your lips are very good.

one of the time the teacher said me to come in his office when I have gone there he talked to someone that had no dress on her body and said me look how beautiful is she! that is the only one said of the story there are lots of governmental universities the teacher doing like this

She said I share this story to Radio Azadi because I don’t let this teacher or others do with other girls also

There was also anther Kabul university student that said: teacher come on my test and said to me right your mobile number here I will give you 100 scour to pass your exam.

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