Questions that most Kankor students ask

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What can I do to succeed in the Kankor Test?
Why am I not interested in reading the lesson and thinking that I don’t learn what I read?
Why does the material I learned in the past escape my mind?
I can’t manage my time and always cheat myself while studying?
And dozens of questions like these?

In short sentences, I would like to point out some things from my experience for you.
some of the students learn very easy and fast and some of them are not an easy learner but there a way to solve the problem when you are not the easy learner.

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So what’s the solution now?

you need motivation when you are motivated, you create unparalleled energy and more energy, and you become a tireless person whose effort and training is like a hobby, with a passion and love for your work that no longer says interest. I don’t have to do that and you will the creative person you will create all of the things you make a plan where what should you do what is the best way to solve it.

Note: The motivation activates your inner strength, and the motivation itself is something you strive for it, like the reward and pay that you get later.

So when you motivational study, for example, remember creat a target you like to be a doctor and say, a year later I’m a doctor I’m an engineer, I am a Lawyer and an economist and remember the spiritual motivation that is to serve the people will make you energized.

You can put a picture of your favorite university in your room You can imagine yourself in the position you want to reach.

Successful people are those who have a purpose and a positive attitude about their purpose and future.

They strive to achieve their goals and their performance is based on believing that they will succeed because successful people are those who have a successful mindset and are confident that their minds are building their future. There is a rule in psychology that says that when you create an image in your mind about your future, you always focus on it and remember it in accordance with the law of attraction or something like that. Believe it and believe it. So our thinking builds our future. How good it is now to have positive thinking. Your attitude is everything to remember.

1 – What can I do to succeed in the kankor test?

Your success depends on your schedule, and how well you can do it and stick to it.

2 – I don’t learn the lesson and why I remember what I had learned in the past.
When a student says I do not learn the lesson, the main reason for the lack of focus is that the lack of interest also leads to a lack of understanding.
Try to focus on the lesson you want to learn first and then avoid the things that confuse your thinking, such as furniture and so on.

3- Why our lessons are not remembered?

this is only natural because the accumulation of information can erase some of the human memory, but the solution that most people suggest is repetition, the biggest factor in college success.
The human mind is made up of two parts called the conscious or the self-conscious and the conscious or the unconscious mind, the material that is learned is first recorded in the conscious mind, which over time can escape the mind and is temporary, but the information recorded in The subconscious mind stays in human minds for a long time meaning that information is first recorded in the conscious and then transmitted to the subconscious, but this is possible by repeating otherwise it is impossible to transmit it to the unconscious and so on. The reason for the infiltration is in the subconscious repetition.

4 – Repeating the solution is the problem.
Time management is also important. You should never fool yourself on the pretext that I have enough time, do not let today’s business tomorrow have its problems and challenges tomorrow.
In the end, every problem has a solution, provided that you do not include the sadness of the past and the stress of the future and always strive to live and manage it in the present.
Success in Kankor depends on your efforts and with the aforementioned components and dozens more that we will share with friends.

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