Please don’t be a sheep

  • Name: Please don’t be a sheep!
  • Author: Mahmoud Namni
  • Publisher: Samen Publications
  • First Edition: 1384
  • Twenty-first edition: 1387
  • Number of pages: 657 pages

Please don't be a sheep


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Book introduction

The book “Please Don’t Be a Sheep” is a summary of all the psychology books available on the market.

On the publisher’s site, the book says: “Please don’t be a sheep about the book. We can’t say anything. I just say: We have received 380 letters from Europe, America, Canada and all the cities of Afghanistan by this date (1398). According to the statistics.

The sources that the author has used can be summarized as follows: Osho’s latest lectures, Anthony Robbins, Euclid Sheen’s manuscripts, Psalms of David, Solomon’s songs – The Four Gospels, The Holy Quran, Innocent Speeches and Recent Scientific Phenomena.

An example of the text of the book:

“We are born to continue the love and creativity of God.”
“Beware of what they say. They’re creative.”
“The easiest thing in the world is to be yourself, and the hardest thing in the world is to be what others want.”
“Humble thought makes a man miserable!”
“Perseverance is the only boundary between failure and failure.”