University of California Free Online Course on ‘Fundamentals of Management

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Opportunity Description

The University of California offers this course on fundamentals of management. It is part of Training in Corporate Career Development, focusing on management and leadership.

  1. Will you join the workforce? Are you a grown-up professional?
  2. Was your position in the organization, new?

All future new hires benefit from an appreciation of management values, duties, and obligations, regardless of rank. So in this free online course, you can gain a deep understanding of the basic management concepts and theories while at the same time eliciting the operational role of the manager in all sorts of organizations.


  • Opportunity Type: free of cost
  • Opportunity: Online Course
  • Awarding University: University of California
  • Location: United State
  • Study Type: Online
  • Availability: International
  • Study Topic: Fundamentals of Management
  • Organizer: Coursera
  • Program Language: English
  • Deadline: No Deadline

What do you learn?

  • Specifications the difference between managers and leaders
  • Use the SMART goal-setting technique
  • Details about the five functions of management
  • Comprehension of the power of building a network


  1. Management
  2. Leadership
  3. styles of Management
  4. Management theory


Dave Nagy: Instructor, University of California, Irvine Extension


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