UNESCO Asia Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation

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Opportunity Description

UNESCO accepts proposals for UNESCO’s Cultural Heritage Conservation Awards 2020 for Asia-Pacific. Uninitiated in the next edition of the UNESCO Agenda is the “Sonder Recognition for Sustainable Development” and an un-updated set of criteria, which recognize in greater measure the role of the cultural heritage and the contribution of it to sustainable development.

Those who are interested to renovate and protect structures, places, and properties of historic and heritage value in the region are therefore recognized with UNESCO‘s Asia-Pacific Preservation Awards. They also convince other landowners, either individually or by entering into public-private partnerships, to start conservation projects in their neighborhoods.

Since 2000, 249 winners from 22 countries have been awarded special prizes for their comprehensive knowledge of places, significant achievements, and remarkable contributions to cultural heritage conservation.


  • Opportunity: Grand/Award
  • Organization: UNESCO
  • Location: Thailand
  • City: Bangkok
  • Deadline: 30 June 2020


Projects shall involve the private sector, considering the regulations for the award; and projects of various kinds, eligible for program access, including commercial and institutional buildings, historic town, village, etc.


  1. Awards of Excellence
  2. Awards of Distinction
  3. Award of Merit
  4. The Award for New Design in Heritage Contexts
  5. The Special Recognition for Sustainable Development


  1. Application form
  2. The project dossier and the related relevant documentation, including a detailed project summary
  3. Project drawings and images must be emailed to UNESCO Bangkok, both in hard and soft format.

How to apply

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For more information about terms and conditions please visit the official website 

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