The Kit Innovation Challenge 2020

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Opportunity Description

The Kit Innovation Challenge 2020

The Kit Innovation Challenge 2020
The Kit Innovation Challenge 2020

KIT International is a social innovation agency with the aim of providing women and girls with the awareness of the challenges they face, helping them with essential care and services, and developing their capacity through health, education and livelihood opportunities. In addition, KIT international offers them opportunities for education and training. In fact, the KIT team provides inspiration to make the planet a positive one. In this case, the KIT innovation challenge designed for organizations which foster positive improvements in women’s and girls’ lives




You will Receive

  • Global forum promotion
  • Network opportunity for market growth at KIT international
  • Specialists in strategic network communications, planning, distribution, funding, and investment access to mentorship and coaching sessions with KIT.
  • Receive resources for developing and implementing a market development action plan and assessing capability impact.



  • The solution should be purpose-driven-developing opportunities for health, education, and living.
  • Innovative ideas by innovative methods of market models, or existing ones.
  • Scalable strategies for the production of skilled, tangible momentum by user/market.
  • The solutions should have a viable business model.
  • Demonstrate participant capacity across the customer team and the circumstances.
  • The solution should use technology, skills, and business models that respond to times and demands of change.



  • The team leader will be innovators with the potential to demonstrate how the invention cycle works.
  • Design thinkers who are passionate about searching options and testing ideas with users at the center.
  • Team members should be interested in development and success on a broader scale.
  • Collaborative with the ability to establish links with the international team.
  • KIT international vision and values aligned.


How to Apply

You can apply online for this opportunity you can also visit the official website

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