The Japan-WCO Human Resource Development Scholarship Programme

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Opportunity Description

The Japan-WCO Human Resource Development Scholarship Programme

The Japan-WCO Human Resource Development Scholarship Programme
The Japan-WCO Human Resource Development Scholarship Programme

The Japan-WCO Human Resource Development Program (Scholarship Program) offers a grant covering travel, housing, registration, tuition, and other accepted expenses to allow talented young customs managers from a WCO member in a developing country to pursue a Master’s degree studies at Aoyama Gakuin University (AGU) in Tokyo.



  • Opportunity type: Fully Funded
  • Opportunity: Scholarship
  • Scholarship Level: Master degree
  • University: Aoyama Gakuin University (AGU) in Tokyo
  • Organization: WCO Scholarship
  • Availability: WCO member in a developing country
  • Location: Japan
  • City: Tokyo
  • Deadline: 10. August. 2020


  • Application fee
  • Admission fee
  • Tuition fee
  • Round-trip economy-class air tickets
  • Monthly stipend
  • Accommodations,
  • Meals,
  • Transportations, and other expenses. It cannot be increased to cover family members if any. The amount of stipend is subject to change according to the decision of the Japanese Government.*


  • The Applicant with work experience of at least two years in the field of customs policy and administration in his/her home country.
  • Be from one WCO member Country
  • Preference will be given to candidates who have experience in IPR border enforcement, and who are expected to work in the IPR-related section of their Customs administration after this Scholarship Programme.
  • The applicant with good health
  • Age limitation: Applicant with 40 years of age as of April 1, 2021
  • After the completion of the Programme, the candidates should continue to work in their home Customs administration for 3 years at least.
  • The current amount of monthly stipend is 147,000 yen (as of 2020)
  • The current amount of admission fee is 290,000 yen and the annual tuition fee is 917,000 yen (as of 2020)

Terms and Conditions

  • If scholars’ performance falls below a certain critical standard (e.g., failure of a required course, or one important in the curriculum), or scholars are unable to proceed with schoolwork for any reason whatsoever, we may terminate the scholarship clause, even during the school year. Even scholars may not be issued with a return air ticket in the case of such an incident.
  • All students selected shall comply with the laws of Japan and with the rules of the AGU and shall abstain from unlawful activity. If the student does not, his / her bond may be terminated at our discretion and the students can not be given a return airfare.

After the completion of the Programme

  • After half a year and three years respectively from the completion of the program, scholars will report to the WCO and the AGU showing the role they hold in their home administration and how they have used the experience they have gained in Japan.

How to Apply 

Apply Now

For further information, please refer to the letter and the administrative provisions from the WCO to its Member administrations.



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