Sports Scholarship at University of Bournemouth

Opportunity Detail

  • Gender female
  • No. of Opportunity 50

Opportunity Description

Bournemouth University will host international students with a scholarship in the United Kingdom. In fact, professional students who come to university or postgraduate stages may take part in the scholarship. Furthermore, the purpose of the scholarship is to provide the candidates with funds to develop their athletic talents and interested parties. In addition, candidates can use the fund by coaching, equipment, entrance fees, or support services. Thus, applicants who have shown excellence in their selected fields and who are willing to academically follow their sports skills can apply.


  • Opportunity type: Partially Funded
  • Opportunity: Scholarship
  • Scholarship Level: Bachelor degree | Master degree
  • Awarding Country: United Kingdom
  • University: University of Bournemouth
  • Availability: International
  • No of Scholarship: 50
  • Deadline by round:
    • 31 August 2020
    • 30 November 2020


  • Candidate can be International
  • Great proof of the sport chosen
  • Will compete in the most quality BUCS programs
  • BU reflects athletic events eligible at 75 percent workout sessions

Value of Scholarship

The candidate will receive £500 to £5,000


  • Application form
  • Personal statement
  • Club full  information

How to apply

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Required skills