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The online course on risk and return provides lectures on estimating the expected return on the shared debt. In addition, participants will learn about the weighted average capital cost estimate. The following online course on risk and return will determine how the risk of financial assets is assessed and measured in order to calculate expected returns. Furthermore, the course covers a company’s lessons capital structure that affects its equity and debt riskiness Lastly, the lectures will focus on building excellent models for valuable companies using practical activities. This course is for students who work or research in the financial sector.



  • Opportunity Type: Free of Cost
  • Opportunity: Online Course
  • Study type: online
  • Organizer: Edx
  • Gender: Male and Female
  • Course Language: English
  • Field of study: finance
  • Availability: International




What you Gain

  • Risk measurement
  • How to estimate the asset return based on its risk?
  • Risk adjustment of equity and substantial debt when the firm changes its capital structure.
  • Weighted average cost calculation of capital.

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