One World Media Coronavirus Reporting Award 2020

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Opportunity Description

One World Media Coronavirus Reporting Award 2020

One World Media Coronavirus Reporting Award 2020
One World Media Coronavirus Reporting Award 2020

The One World Media Award 2020 allocates and is sponsored by the European Bank for Restoration and Development for Coronavirus effects in developing countries. The awards also encourage journalists and filmmakers to share their experiences, reflecting on what’s going on beyond borders and emphasizing the pandemic ‘s global outlook. In addition, the stories will cover qualified approaches, the required, and unexpected implications of COVID-19 around the globe. In addition, the award is in any format for a piece of media, like print, film audio or digital media



  • Opportunity: Competitions
  • Organizer: One World Media
  • Availability: International
  • Location: United Kindom
  • Gender: Male and Female
  • Deadline: 30 July 2020


Who reports on developed countries such as Africa, the Caribbean, Middle East, Asia, Russia, Latin America, or the Post-Soviet States, and finds a place for publishing unreleased subjects or new ideas.

Submission criteria

Submissions would have been broadcast, screened, or released in the UK or in an English-speaking audience, or at an international film festival, online or on a website or publication address.


Evaluation criteria

  • Work quality
    • Craft
    • Structure
    • Involvement
    • Level of producing
    • The value of editorial
    • Topics complexity
    • Targeted audience

How to apply

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