Kankor 1399 Kabul Exam schedule – NEXA

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Kankor 1399 Kabul Exam schedule

National Examination Authority announced Kabul kankor 1399 schedule


Kankor 1399 Kabul Exam schedule - NEXA
Kankor 1399 Kabul Exam schedule – NEXA

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What is Kankor? 

Kankor is an exam each year by the Ministry of Higher Education to be held in the university’s And thousands of people who are interested in entering university, corporate, and at the end of the test group who earn top ratings can be absorbed into the university.
Kankor has been a test of 160 questions and 360 scores, and include the following topics:
Mathematics (arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry)
Science (physics, chemistry, and biology)
Religious and social sciences (religion, history, and geography)
Sauna and general information (Dari, Pashto and the general knowledge and intellectual)
Official Page || Kankor Afghanistan
Official WebSite: www.kankorAfghanistan.com
For More Info Inbox Us In [email protected]
Skype: Kankor.Afghanistan

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