Johns Hopkins University Free Online Course on ‘Gender-based Violence’

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Johns Hopkins University Free Online Course on ‘Gender-based Violence’

Johns Hopkins University Free Online Course on ‘Gender-based Violence’
Johns Hopkins University Free Online Course on ‘Gender-based Violence’

This course discusses gender-based violence (GBV) participants from the health-care community, including global GBV epidemiology, patient outcomes; groundbreaking research; and professional best practices for GBV exclusion, assistance, and administration. Added to a core curriculum are lectures that contextualize the content with specific examples and programs from around the world. So, here in this course how the World Health Organisation (WHO) is handling gender-based abuse.


  1. The core program introduces GBV globally to ensure robust health responses to GBV and teaches key skills to social workers, doctors, health workers, midwives, healthcare workers, and other health workers. They focus on ensuring that health sector responses to GBV are robust. Therefore it is necessary to complete the core content for the students to pass the course.
  2. Experts from all over the world offer honourary curricula that will help students deepen the knowledge and understanding of specific populations and specialized topics. The student who wishes to receive a Certificate of Completion with Honors is obligated to complete the Honors program.



  • Opportunity type: Fully funded
  • Opportunity: Online Course
  • Course offered by Johns Hopkins University
  • Course Language: English
  • Study Type: Online
  • Study Topic: Diversity
  • Duration of Study: 4 weeks
  • Course start date: June 29, 2020


Learning objectives

  • Explain the global epidemiology of leading forms of GBV and the indication linking GBV to poor health.
  • Illustrate the challenges, strategies, and WHO rules for integrating GBV response within the health sector.
  • Define the components of an inclusive clinical assessment, treatment, and management of a GBV survivor.
  • Explain the suitable psychosocial support and management of a GBV survivor.


Course syllabus

  • Introduction to GBV – Epidemiology and Health Impact
  • Health Care Response, Screening, and Psychosocial Support
  • Clinical Care for GBV Survivors
  • Additional Materials and Wrap-Up


  • Certificate
  • Flexible deadline
  • Online

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