Jobs By Ministry of Higher Education ( Provincial Graduate Document Review Expert )

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Opportunity Description

Jobs By Ministry of Higher Education ( Provincial Graduate Document Review Expert )

Jobs By Ministry of Higher Education
Jobs By Ministry of Higher Education

Task Objective:: Analyzing the documents of graduates of private universities and institutes of higher education and providing timely and quality services to graduates in the relevant province


  • Opportunity type: Salary Based
  • Opportunity: Job
  • Organization: Ministry of Higher education
  • Location: Afghanistan
  • City: Kabul
  • Gender: Male and Female
  • No. of opportunity: 5
  • Salary: As per company salary scale
  • Required Languages: Dari, Pashto, English
  • Years of Experience: one year
  • Deadline: Sep 18, 2020

Specialized duties: Review and analysis of documents and certificates of diplomas of graduates of private universities and institutes of higher education in order to complete the legal process and provide analytical opinions

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Submitting letters from independent ministries and departments and providing timely responses.
  • Review of job search forms for graduates of private universities and institutes of higher education to provide information to recruiting authorities.
  • Registration of diplomas/certificates that are distributed to graduates and maintenance of the registration book.
  • Arranging accurate statistics of graduates by university, faculty, male, and female annually.
  • Submitting the graduation book of universities and private higher education institutions after considering the presidency of the graduates and maintaining it.
  • Management duties: Arranging weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual work plans of the student administration to achieve the set goals.
  • Provide sound advice to the relevant director in order to solve problems and improve the goals and programs of the director.
  • Arranging and submitting monthly, quarterly, annual, and when necessary reports of functions and achievements to the relevant department.
  • The rules and objectives of the administration are entrusted to him. ،. Perform other duties performed by the competent authorities in accordance with the provisions of the law
  • Coordination tasks: Coordinating and providing working relations with relevant departments.
  • Provide timely liaison with private higher education institutions to implement provincial students’ educational credentials

Job Requirement:

  • Field of Study: At least a bachelor’s degree in one of the following fields: Human Resource Management, Public Administration, Administration and Commerce, Public Administration Policy, Law, Political Science 2, Public Administration, Economics, Public Administration (Psychology, Social Sciences, Sociology), General Management
  • Language and literature, history, journalism, other related disciplines from national and international institutions, and higher degrees in the above disciplines are preferred.
  • Related work experience: At least one year for a bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate without work experience in one of the departments (similar and specialized management of employment – development
  • Procurement – Monitoring and Evaluation – Administrative – Financial and Accounting Office – Office – Evaluation of Duty Performance of Accidents – Employee Communication – Capacity Building, Gender, and Human Rights Inspection and Other Related Sectors) – Plan and Policy – Information and Public Relations Skills Needed: Know the official languages of the country (Dari and Pashto) fluent in English
  • Use of computer programs related to task 5

Notes: People with disabilities can apply for this position if the above conditions are met.


How to Apply

In order to achieve the lofty goals of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and to entrust its people with the task of reforming the healthy administration in order to implement the new rank and salary system, the Department of Human Resources of the Ministry of Higher Education Employee announcement states that qualified individuals can apply for the vacancies announced by the Ministry of Higher Education from the date of publication of the announcement for a period of (10) working days through the website. From the end of the announcement, send it to [email protected], if necessary, call (0202500302) and get information.

Submission Email:

[email protected]


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