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Opportunity Description

jobs at Ministry of Communications and Information Technology

24 Vacancy at Ghor Institute of Higher Education
24 Vacancy at Ghor Institute of Higher Education

The Civil Service Appointments Board re-announces the second place in the Ministry of Information Technology, Telecommunications and Science with one (one position ) the second Rank to hire qualified staff.

Eligible applicants ‌ can submit their application forms online from the website of the Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission via the link (

When requesting, copy the desired closing number from the bottom and insert it in the relevant section of the online form.


  • Opportunity type: Salary Based
  • Opportunity: Jobs
  • Job Title: Badghis Digital Coordinator Department
  • No.of opportunity: 1
  • Job Type: Full time
  • Education: Bachelor
  • Work Experience: Proven experience in relevant field
  • Province: Badghis
  • Salary:109,600 AFN
  • Gender: Female / Male
  • Nationality: Afghan
  • Category: Government
  • Contract Duration: Long-Term
  • Deadline: 22.08.2020

Job description

Manage and supervise matters related to the provision of technology and digital services at the provincial and district levels and implement the guidelines, procedures, and policies of the Ministry



  • Design and development of guidelines, procedures, and policies for digital and information technology at the provincial level in coordination with the relevant central and private sectors
  • Technical supervision and control of activities related to telecommunications, information technology and development of digital services at the provincial level for better management and effective service delivery
  • Support and address public complaints regarding information and telecommunication technology services in coordination with relevant departments, including Atra and Afghan Telecom in the province
  • Collecting revenues of the telecommunication sector and information technology according to the set goals and transferring it to the relevant account of the Ministry of Finance to strengthen the economic strength of the country
  • Development of information technology, digital technology, and digital economy services to the villages and neighborhoods of the province
  • Ensuring the connection of villages and neighborhoods with fiber optics and its maintenance and care for sustainable and effective access to information technology services in coordination with the local and regional connection unit



  • Plan and arrange monthly, quarterly and annual work plans in accordance with the general plan to achieve the goals of the ministry
  • Identify and propose budget requirements based on the annual work plan of the department
  • Achieving the goals and programs of the Afghanistan National Peace and Development Strategy and the National Anti-Corruption Strategy in the relevant field of work
  • Lead and provide timely information within government departments, civil society, media and citizens of the country, taking into account the objectives of the law on access to information and the policy of the relevant department


  • Observing and ensuring the implementation of the Administrative Enforcement Law, the Law on the Prevention of Harassment of Women and Children and the Code of Conduct in the Relevant Work Area
  • Leadership and management of affected employees to ensure effective and timely implementation
  • Evaluate the performance of affected employees in order to motivate them to improve performance, increase efficiency and productivity, determine training needs and increase capacity building
  • Develop and transfer professional skills through workshops, seminars, counseling and workflow training for affected employees
  • Submitting quarterly, annual and, if necessary, work reports on activities and achievements in order to inform the management of the department about the progress of activities and achievements of the relevant departments
  • Perform other duties assigned by the competent authorities in accordance with the laws, regulations and objectives of the department


  • Provide communication and coordination with all governmental and non-governmental organizations to better advance the relevant affairs
  • Participate in national and international meetings to gain new experiences and use it in digital work programs and innovation
  • Provide communication and coordination with the private sector ICT for the development of digital services in the province



Job Requirements

  • Field of Study: At least a bachelor’s degree in one of the fields (Computer Science, Telecommunication Engineering, Information Technology, and Telecommunication, Computer Engineering, Information Technology Management, Computer Program Engineering, Information Systems) or other related fields and for degree holders Higher education in these fields is preferred.
  • Work experience: Minimum work experience from inside and outside the country in one of the sectors (information technology, telecommunications or other tasks related to information technology and telecommunications)
  • Managerial and specialized: Three years for a bachelor’s degree, two years for a master’s degree and one year for a doctorate (holders with less than one year of work experience in one of the managerial or specialized fields are not eligible for this position),
    Managerial or professional; Five years in one of the mentioned sections,
  • Necessary skills: 
    • Fluency in one of the official languages (Pashto or Dari) and familiarity (writing and speaking) in English
    • Computer skills in task-related applications
    • Necessary skills in leadership, communication and decision making


How to Apply

  • To complete the application form, visit, and after completing the special pre-form home, submit your application.
  • The request can only be sent during the closing notification, note that the system will not accept your request when the notification is completed.


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