Information about Kankor 1399

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Information about Kankor 1399


Information about Kankor 1399
Information about Kankor 1399

About Kankor Afghanistan

Kankor is an exam each year by the Ministry of Higher Education to be held in the university’s And thousands of people who are interested in entering university, corporate, and at the end of the test group who earn top ratings can be absorbed into the university.
Kankor has been a test of 160 questions and 360 scores, and include the following topics:
Mathematics (arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry)
Science (physics, chemistry, and biology)
Religious and social sciences (religion, history, and geography)
Sauna and general information (Dari, Pashto and the general knowledge and intellectual)
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About Kankor 1399

The level of participation and absorption in the entrance Kankor exam of 1399 is as follows

  • This year, about 210,000 people will take the entrance exam
  • 66,000 students are enrolled in Govornoments universities and higher education institutions.
  • 6,000 Students will be enrolled in the second and third classes of 14 passes.
  • More than 9,000 students are enrolled in the night Classies of universities.
  • More than 19,000 school graduates and more than 43,000 will be enrolled in government institutes.
  • The total absorption capacity is about 146,922 students


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Check ID ID number at the beginning of the exam.




How to select the desired string fertilizer on the answer sheet.




How to answer the questions on the answer sheet




Exam candidates should consider the following points in recording biometric information.





The registration form must be filled in according to the house ID.




Photo of the volunteer in the registration form.



How to blacken circles on answer sheets.

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