HSE for free through full-tuition Master scholarships in Russia

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Opportunity Description

HSE for free through full-tuition scholarships in Russia | Master scholarships in Russia


HSE for free through full-tuition Master scholarships in Russia
HSE for free through full-tuition Master scholarships in Russia

About HSE University

HSE University is consistently a pioneer in Russian education, and a leading university in Eastern Europe and Eurasia in the economics and social sciences. HSE University has developed steadily into a well-known research university for over two decades and is distinguished by its foreign presence and cooperation.



academic expectations. Our newly adopted institutional reforms help the push of HSE University to internationalize and advance science.

About Scholarship

International students are entitled to apply free of charge for HSE via full studies. This merit bursary will waive all teaching fees for selected Master’s programs at HSE completely.

Scholarships program starting on 1 November 2019, applicants can apply in the applicants’ programs. All relevant documentation must be submitted by August 14, 2020.

Note: Applicants should upload their portfolio to the personal online account before August 14, 2020. If the selection committee finds the selection to be non-existent, the applicant for a scholarship will be rejected. Winners may also earn full-length Bursaries from various student competitions.


  • Opportunity type:
  • Opportunity: Scholarship
  • Scholarship Level: Master degree
  • University: HSE University
  • Scholarship Country: Russia
  • Gender: Male and Female
  • Availability: International
  • Deadline: 14. Aug. 2020



  • Complete Tuition fee
  • Accommodation

The cost that you should Cover

Cost depends on your lifestyle how you live and spend here I share with some normal standard that you should cover o pay for it.

  • Food: 15 000 RUB per month
  • Insurance: 6 500-10 000 RUB per year
  • Transportation: 700 RUB per mont
  • Phone: 500-1000 RUB per month (or free)
  • Visa Registration, Visa Prolongation: 1600 RUB (once per stay)
  • Leisure Activities: Around 5000 RUB a month
  • Accommodation in HSE Student Dormitory: 1000 – 1500 RUB per month


Feild of Study



  • The applicant with good academic performance
  • Applicant must hold a Bachelor degree with a good record


How to Apply

You can apply for this scholarship online on official scholarship portal here is some important link you can use it before applying for a scholarship

For more information about terms and Conditions please visit the official website 


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