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Opportunity Description

Natural Language Processing Specialization


Natural Language Processing (NLP)  Uses algorithms to understand human language and to control it. This is one of the most commonly used machine learning fields. As AI continues to grow, so will the need for skilled professionals in developing models analyzing speech and expression, uncovering contextual trends, and extracting insights from text and audio.

You will be able to develop NLP applications that perform question-answering and sentiment analysis by the end of this Specialization, create tools to translate languages and summarize text, and even construct chatbots. This and other NLP technologies will be at the forefront of the upcoming transition to a future dominated by AI.



  • Opportunity type: Fully funded
  • Opportunity: Online Course
  • Study Type: Online
  • Organizer: Coursera
  • Offered By: Deep learning
  • Availability: International
  • Gender: Male and Female
  • Duration: 4 Months
  • Couse Language: English
  • Start date: Jul. 24
  • Deadline: No deadline


What you will learn

  • Use recurrent neural networks, LSTMs, GRUs & Siamese network in TensorFlow & Trax for sentiment analysis, text generation & named entity recognition
  • Use logistic regression, naïve Bayes, and word vectors to implement sentiment analysis, complete analogies & translate words
  • Use encoder-decoder, causal, & self-attention to machine translate complete sentences, summarize text, build chatbots & question-answering
  • Use dynamic programming, hidden Markov models, and word embeddings to implement autocorrect, autocomplete & identify part-of-speech tags for words

In this course, you will Gain

  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Attention Models
  • Siamese Networks
  • Hidden Markov Model
  • Transformers
  • Machine Translation
  • Word Embeddings
  • Parts-of-Speech Tagging



There are 4 courses available that you can apply for free



  • Younes Bensouda Mourri
  • Łukasz Kaiser
  • Eddy Shyu



  1. Shareable Specialization and Course Certificates
  2. Self-Paced Learning Option
  3. Course Videos & Readings
  4. Practice Quizzes
  5. Graded Assignments with Peer Feedback
  6. Graded Quizzes with Feedback
  7. Graded Programming Assignments
  8. 100% online courses

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