54 Vacancies at Supreme Audit Office

Internship/Job Supreme Audit Office posted 3 months ago

Opportunity Description

54 Vacancies at Supreme Audit Office

4 Vacancies at Supreme Audit Office
4 Vacancies at Supreme Audit Office

The Supreme Audit Office has announced 54 vacancies in the rank of 3 and 4 who want to work in this organization a great chance to apply today and join your team.


  • Opportunity: Job
  • Organization: The Supreme Audit Office
  • Location: Afghanistan
  • City: Kabul
  • Gender: Male and Female
  • Availability: Kabul
  • Deadline: July 22, 2020


No Positions Rank
Hardware general manager 4
Software general manager 4
general manager of security cameras and phones( 4
Programming expert 3
Database expert 3
Implementation 4
Manager Training curriculum 4
Reporting manager 4
Manager of the audit 4
IT Audit 3
Forensic audit 4
Auditor 3/4
Website manager 4
legal affairs expert 3
Dari Editor 4
executive general manager 4



Works experience
Application form


How to apply

Submission at: [email protected]

Address: Afshar, Darul Aman, Kabul, Afghanistan
Phone: +93 (0) 20 25 21 623
Email: [email protected]

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