51 Jobs at Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of Afghanistan

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Opportunity Description

51 Jobs at Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of Afghanistan

51 Jobs at Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of Afghanistan
51 Jobs at Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of Afghanistan

Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of Afghanistan announced  51 jobs for new job seekers to apply for this organization, its great opportunity for all who wish to work with MCIT.


  • Opportunity type: Salary Based
  • Opportunity: Job
  • No. of Opportunity: 51 vacancy
  • Gender: Male and Female
  • Organization: Ministry of Communication and Information Technology
  • Rank: 3 and 4
  • Jobs availability: Kabul
  • Deadline: September 7, 2020


Position Title

  1. Information Technology Expert (IT)
  2. Coordinator with ICT sector
  3. Monitoring and evaluation planning expert
  4. Statistics (Science / Research and Development)
  5. IoT expert
  6. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Expert
  7. DATA BIG Scale information big
  8. Expert CHAIN BLOCK
  9. Technology park design and implementation unit of technology park Excellent and engineering
  10. Excellent technology park design engineer and
  11. E-Commerce Expert
  12. Unit (Statistics) Excellent Technology Park Management and
  13. Technical expert of excellent technology and engineering park
  14. Unit (Statistics) Coordinator of High Technology Industry
  15. SME and Startup Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurs Management Expert
  16. Unit (statistics) TOT section (TRAINING OF TRAINERS)
  18. Unit (command) to improve the coding capacity for women
  19. Coding coordinator and supervisor for women
  20. Unit (director) of e-learning
  21. Digital Skills Monitoring and Evaluation Unit
  22. Market needs assessment expert
  23. Policy Officer and Cohesion
  24. The policy unit of the International Telecommunication, Regional and Border Unions
  25. PT and Broadband (Broadband) Regional Policy Expert
  26. Local and regional connection unit (commander)
  27. Local connection expert
  28. Regional connection expert
  29. Expert in connecting networks of provinces and districts
  30. Fiber optic infrastructure connection expert
  31. Heb transit connection expert
  32. Unit (director) of programs and projects management
  33. Unit (director) of digital services
  34. Quality assurance and testing expert
  35. Project Engineering Expert
  36. System Development Expert (CLOUD) ICT infrastructure
  37. Expert in digital strategy and roadmap for governance
  38. Expert to ensure continuous improvement of standards
  39. Digital Investment and Program Management Unit
  40. Cyber Operations Center Specialist
  41. Specialist in monitoring unauthorized activities
  42. Information Technology Coordination Unit with Public and Private Offices
  43. Customer service expert
  44. IT Support Unit
  45. Cloud unit
  46. Cloud service expert
  47. CMS Engineer
  48. Unit (Director) of the National Information Center of Afghanistan
  49. Provincial Affairs Coordination Expert
  50. Revenue Officer
  51. Doctor of health



  • The candidate must hold a Bachelor degree
  • Applicant must have work experience
  • The applicant must be an Afghan
  • Computer skills required


How to Apply 


Download the application form and for each position description and requirement click here for more information you can also visit the official website announcement in Dari


  • Dear applicants, you can receive the standard application form according to the Hazami guidelines in person from the admission management or from the Ministry’s website in soft form, fully understanding the full responsibility of the full house and before the end of the announcement period, along with the required documents. Surrender to the person in charge of human resources.
  • It is mandatory to enter the email address in the job search form
  • Applicants for civil service positions will be barred from participating in the same competitive process through intermediaries and leveraging their appointments during the appointment process.
  • If the documents and information are entered incorrectly and untrue, the applicant will be expelled from the competition process.
  • Dear applicants, attach a copy of your certificate or educational documents approved by the Ministry of Higher Education to the application form. No certificate of academic accreditation and certificate of universities and institutes of higher education is valid until it is approved by the Ministry of Higher Education.
  • Study documents abroad, in addition to the documents indicating the completion of the evaluation and approval of the Ministry of Higher Education, the letter of the Department of Academic Affairs is also required.
  • Temporary diplomas of foreign graduates approved by the Ministry of Higher Education are valid, but the applicant is required to complete the process of certifying his / her credentials by the competent authorities before starting the interview process.
  • Since the esteemed head of private higher education institutions only acknowledges the registration of the educational institution, it is required that esteemed applicants who have graduated from universities or private educational institutions, a copy of the diploma together with the letter of graduation of the private department. Attach the application form.
  • Dear applicants who are officially working in government departments or have already served in the government, a summary of their new accidents issued by government authorities by the first units of the ministries/departments, as a working document from the last working authority Attach the application form. No summary of accidents issued by the second unit of the center and provinces is valid unless it has been approved by the first unit of the relevant ministry or department.
  • Distinguished applicants who have served in reputable international institutions. After the approval of the human resources branch of the same institution, submit their documents and work records together with a copy of the contract attached to the application form.
  • Certification of work experience Applicants for civil service positions who have worked in private institutions and companies, after certification of registration of the institution or participation in the Ministry of Economy or other relevant authorities are not valid, the employment contract and the tax form must be attached. Request form.


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