3 ‘Assistant Procurement Specialist’ Positions at The National Procurement Authority

Internship/Job National Procurement Authority (NPA) posted 4 months ago

Opportunity Description

3 ‘Assistant Procurement Specialist’ Positions at the National Procurement Authority

National Procurement Authority (NPA)
National Procurement Authority (NPA)

The National Procurement Authority (NPA) was established by a presidential decree in 1393, as part of the President’s General Directorate of Administrative Office. NPA also employs three Procurement Professional Assistants for the authority’s Programs Evaluation and System Management Division. Eligible applicants are allowed to read the details below and apply them as appropriate.



  • Opportunity: Job
  • Position Title: Assistant Procurement Specialist (Directorate of Projects Analysis and Program Development)
  • Job Location: Kabul
  • Employment Type: Full-time
  • Job Salary: As per NPA Salary form
  • Vacancy #: NPA/AFG/003
  • Job Organization: National Procurement Authority (NPA)
  • Work Experience: 3 years
  • Contract type: Permanent
  • Gender: Male and Female
  • Deadline; 16 July 2020


Opportunity objective

Technical assistance in promoting the operation of procurement in an effective, open, and responsible manner and as specified by the sponsor’s public procurement laws and procedures and guidelines.


Duties and responsibilities

  • Preparing monthly, quarterly, and yearly working plans in accordance with the work plan of related departments to ensure that planned goals are achieved.
  • Creating coordination among procurement agencies and specialists concerned to facilitate the processing of procurement documents.
  • Conducting coordinative meetings to ensure troubleshooting and identifying the needs of bodies involved.
  • Coordinating the pre-bidding meetings with the relevant entities and conducting that based on the schedule predefined in the tender or/and offer.
  • Producing the minutes of pre-bidding meetings, amending the bidding documents, and sending them to bidders after the approval of the department director.
  • Preparing the project files and sending them to the offer issuing Secretariat as per the related form.
  • Maintain all correspondence and procurement documents of the projects according to the transparency and accountability norms stipulated in the procurement law.
  • Observing the behavioral rules and disciplines of the authority, transparency accreditations, accountability, competition among companies, and full accuracy of the procurement process in line with the law of Afghanistan and reporting on in the event a conflict of interest arises.
  • Observing and applying the policies and instructions of the NPA and strategic plans of the Directorate of Projects Analysis and Program Development in the NPA.
  • Reporting weekly and monthly on the procurement-related performance of the department and yours to the director.
  • Performing other duties as assigned by the relevant directorate.



  • Education: Bachelor’s degree 
    1. Economics
    2. Business
    3. Public Administration
    4. Financial Management
    5. Accounting
    6. Civil Engineering
  • Experience: Three years of job-related work experience


How to apply

Interested and qualifying Afghans will fill out the application form attached below fully and submit it to the given email address by the deadline along with other necessary documentation.



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