20 Vacancy Municipal Rent Management Member at Kabul Municipality

Internship/Job Kabul Municipality (KM) posted 3 months ago

Opportunity Description

20 Vacancy Municipal Rent Management Member at Kabul Municipality

20 Vacancy Municipal Rent Management Member at Kabul Municipality
20 Vacancy Municipal Rent Management Member at Kabul Municipality

Kabul Municipality (KM) offers 20 vacancies Kabul Districts’ Municipal Rent Management Member’ Positions at Kabul Municipality. Great opportunity for those who want with Kabul Municipality.

Recollection by approved laws and procedures of land, temporary and contract property, shops and stands, markets, and stores of the municipality.



  • Opportunity type: Salary Type
  • Opportunity: Job
  • Organization: Kabul Municipality (KM)
  • No. of Opportunity: 20 Vacancy
  • Location: Afghanistan
  • City: Kabul
  • Gender: Male and Female
  • Position title: Districts’ Municipal Fare Management Membe Rank 4
  • Type of Employment: Full-time
  • Salary: Per the organization’s salary scale
  • Vacancy No: KM-HR-215
  • Required skills: Fresh
  • Type of Contract: Permanent
  • Duration: Three months
  • Deadline:  23 July 2020

Duties and Responsibility

  1. Preparing monthly, quarterly and yearly reports in accordance with the general plan of the directorate to ensure the achievement of goals
  2. Preparing the plan of fare management according to the general plan for the timely and regular collection of the municipality’s fare of estate and properties, shops and booths, markets and stores
  3. Distributing the payment bills, bills of shops and booths to shopkeepers and contractors to transfer their rents to the Municipality’s bank account
  4. Arranging the booklets of fares, bank bill and transaction of fares transfer receipts and booklets of liabilities and collecting them for coordination of administrative issues
  5. Setting the rents of shops temporarily positioned in the places owned by the municipality based on the renting regulation of the municipality’s properties and recording them as per the head of the organization’s approval
  6. Determining, economically analyzing, and doing revenue-related analyses and submitting the report on them to the related directorate
  7. Accomplishing administrative tasks, preparing reports on revenue collection in terms of fares from municipality’s estates, shops, stores, markets in light of the bankbooks and booklets to be submitted to the KM’s directorate
  8. And, submitting monthly, quarterly and yearly reports to ensure awareness of the related department’s activities and achievements



  • Applicant must have a Bachelor degree: General Management, Law, Economics, Financial Management, and Accounting
  • The applicant must Know computer programs (Word & Excel)
  • The applicant must know national languages – Dari and Pashtu


How to apply

  • Attach all your documents and send here: [email protected]
  • Application form ( Download )
  • Kabul Municipality job Application form

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