Nuffic Scholarships for Short Courses (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Nuffic Scholarships for Short Courses (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

The short courses in The Hague Academy and three subgroups of bourses, namely orange information (OKP), the Mena Scholarship Program (MSP) and the StuNed Scholarship Program (Dutch-Indonesia). Nuffic links are presented in formats of short courses.

The aim of such bursaries is to improve and develop the skills and capabilities of professionals through employers of groups that have no development programs in order to compete with and succeed them and their organizations.

  • Deadline of the Scholarship program
    • First-round Scholarship deadline: 7 March 2020
    • Second round Scholarship opening date: 14 March 2020
    • Second round Scholarship deadline: 4 July 2020
    • Third round Scholarship opening date: August 2020
    • Third round Scholarship deadline: October 2020

Datiels | Nuffic Scholarships

Benefits | Nuffic Scholarships

  • Tuition fee
  • Travel expenses
  • Health Insurance
  • Accommodation
  • Daily subsistence

Eligibility | Nuffic Scholarships

In this 3 cours of Amserdam there is different eligibility form you can download it form form link that we have mention.

Documents | Nuffic Scholarships

  • Passport
  • Questions about the motivation: You need to answer three questions about your motivation when filling the application online which links your role with your organization.
  • Government Statement: Government support statements are required for applicants in certain countries. To schedule it, you are told early.
  • Employer Statement: You are writing a statement from the place of work on the basis of a specific format.

Here is more information and dateils about OKP and MSP scholarship  link 

How to apply

As we mention there 3 types of short cours each deadline is different

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