About Scholarship

This scholarship recognizes and supports top-performing global learners starting a degree program at Canterbury University. At present, the scholarship is granted with $10,000, $15,000, or $20,000 values. It is possible to award up to twenty-five scholarships.

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Recipients must be global students paying full fees. Candidates may not be

  1. New Zealand or Australian citizens ;
  2. Australia’s permanent residents; or
  3. New Zealand residence visa holders.

Applicants must complete or have finished, a university entrance-level qualification on or after 1 January of the year prior to the year of implementation that allows entry into a degree program at the University of Canterbury. Such learners who undertake a program at the UC International College or have finished it are qualified to apply. Applicants must have applied for admission to the University by the closing date of the round in which they apply. Students who have already done partial research in a graduate program at a tertiary institution in New Zealand do not hold the scholarship.

mount$10,000 – $20,000

duration: 1 year

Closing Dates31 Oct 2019 
01 Mar 2020 

How to apply for this scholarship

You can apply for approximately 8 weeks before the closing of apps through this webpage. There will be a link above to the on-line system if it is feasible to apply on-line for this scholarship. Please download and finish the application form below if the connection is not supplied.

However, if the scholarship is managed by Universities NZ or another University department, an external website connection will appear below and guidelines for applications will be accessible through this link.