United Nation’s Global Climate Action Award in Glasgow, Scotland

2020 Momentum for Change

The United Nations Global Climate Action Award, due to be held in Glasgow, Scotland in November 2020, is an excellent opportunity for climate change-implemented organizations, businesses, cities, towns, universities, governments, and other citizens. A variety of incentives, marketing, and networking opportunities will be offered to successful candidates. Even a fully-funded trip to Scotland. Read the description and apply your application before 30 April 2020.



  • During the meeting, present their research to policymakers
  • Fully covered
  • Recognition for Secretariat of UNFCCC
  • Engagement with policymakers
  • Public relations support
  • Marketing support
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We would like to learn about it if your organization has successfully adopted a proposal, plan, program or other operation that tackles climate change mitigation or adaptation while concentrating on one of the four areas listed below.

  • Not being registered or planning to register over the next two years as a Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) or Joint Implementation (JI) initiative.
  • Make social and environmental gains verifiable
  • Be creative and/or show the capacity for long-term change
  • Be scalable, and/or replicable with long-term effect potential
  • Be already in place, or during implementation
  • Addressing or adjusting to climate change

How to apply

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