MEXT Master And Ph.D. Scholarship in Japan


Applicants must have the right to apply to obtain a Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship:

  • Have the nationality of a country with Japanese government diplomatic relations. Not qualified candidates for Japanese nationality.
  • Born on  April 2, 1985.
  • Good health both physical and mental
  • Be ready to obtain a student visa again and enter Japan for a study on receipt of the Scholarship.
  • Will arrive in Japan in the middle of September 2020 on the date specified by Ritsumeikan University
  • In the last two years of the official study, have a CGPA equal or superior to 2.30 of 3.00
  • Meet or exceed the requirements of MEXT’s academic and linguistic capacities.

Availability of Scholarship

Scholarship Benefits

To get more information about the benefit of MEXT Japan Scholarship in Master And Pdh please View the PDF form of File Scholarship outline

Prosses of Application

At the University of Ritsumeikan, applicants may apply through the application method described below for enrollment in the Master and/or Doctoral programs of certain graduate schools. A university recommendation for the MEXT scholarship will also be given to applicants selected for inscription via these specific procedures. Before you start completing the application, please read all sections of the application guidelines and the FAQ carefully:

Recommendation: Download the documents to your computer before you print them digitally. Before printing the PDF, make sure the comment boxes on the PDF application form are either deleted or disabled. Below can be found additional reference materials.

Required documents