Mexican Government Free Scholarships for Undergraduate, Master’s and Doctorate Degrees

Here’s announced a Big Scholarship! Mexico Government Bursary 2020 For Students International 2020. The call is now open for Mexico’s government students to study in Mexico. Over 180 countries are open to the call. The Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation (AMEXCID) invites overseas nationals interested in studying Bachelor’s, Specialization, Specialization, Master’s, Ph.D. & Postgraduate Research, as well as Bachelor’s, Postgraduate, Medical Specialties, etc. Mobility Programs. All Fields & Majors academics are accessible. This call is attended by more than 100 Education Institutions Superiors Mexicans (IES) and all have educational programs registered for overseas learners under the Mexican government scholarship. The application is welcome for all nationalities. Read more details about Mexico’s scholarship below.


  1. Country: Mexico
  2. Scholarship by: Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation (AMEXCID)
  3. Course Level: Bachelors Degree, Speciality, Specialization, Masters Degree, Doctorate & Postgraduate Research, Mobility Programs
  4. Financial Coverage: Fully Funded
  5. Deadline: 27th September 2019

List of Courses & Fields

Mexican government International Students Scholarship offers all academic areas and majors that are fully registered with the Mexican government. The following are the details. Check Eligible Fields and Programmes (Eligible Programs – Consolidated)

List of Universities

This call is attended by more than 100 Education Institutions Superiors Mexicans (IES) and all have enrolled in educational programs to study in Mexico. 

Check Eligible Fields and Programmes (Eligible Universities List)

Duration of the Scholarship

  1. Undergraduate (4 Years)
  2. Graduate-level Research and Postdoctoral Fellowship (12 months)
  3. Specialization (1 year)
  4. Master’s Degree (2 years)
  5. Doctoral Programs (3 or 4 years)
  6. Medical Specialization and sub-specialization (3 years)

Financial Coverage

Mexico Government Scholarships for International Students is a Government of Mexico funded scholarship and will cover the following costs.

  1. A Monthly Stipend will be Given
  2. Registration and Tuition Fee
  3. Medical Insurance
  4. Cost of Visa
  5. Round Airfare Ticket
  6. Inner City Transport
  7. Some Free Trips


  1. Baccalaureate, Master’s or Ph.D. Degrees as needed by the scholarship application program.
  2. The scholarships on academic excellence will be granted.
  3. Be approved or presently enrolled in a calling program of Mexican organizations involved in the Call.
  4. Candidates cannot be living in Mexico at the time of application.
  5. The academic excellence of the candidate in the intended area of study.
  6. Mexico’s planned field of research or specialization is linked to the academic and job history of the applicant.
  7. The research region is essential and has a direct effect on the applicant’s country’s growth.
  8. The program must relate to a particular present or approved projects that affect the nation of the applicant’s growth.
  9. All documents and forms must be presented in Spanish or with Spanish translations.


The last date to Apply for the Mexico Government Scholarship 2020 for International Students is 27th September 2019

How to Apply

You can also apply online. Applications for all scholarships must be presented to the applicant’s country’s Mexican embassy or the simultaneous embassy or the designated Mexican institution. Only requests will be regarded that meet all criteria. Here is the List of Mexican Embassies

Contact the General Terms and Conditions for particular issues [email protected]

Please refer to Edward García Mejía Systems Consultant t for issues about the Academic Cooperation Management System (SIGCA). 3686 5100 (55)

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