McCain Institute NEXT Generation Leaders Program 2020

LeaderShip | McCain | NEXT | Fully Founded | USA

Selected Next Generation Leaders will be assigned to specific organizations to work for approximately 9 months and meet four times a year for the learning program for leadership development. Every meeting and practice will last for two weeks.

Details About the NEXT Generation Leaders Program


  • Opportunity: Leadership
  • Program Name: Next Generation Leaders
  • Host Country: USA
  • Host Univerity: McCain Institute
  • Duration: 9 month
  • Host Cites: Washington | Arizona | New York
  • Deadline: February 7, 2020
  • Financial Coverage: Fully Funded
    • Health insurance
    • Travel Expenses
    • Utilities
    • House Rent
    • Food
  • Program Type: International
  • Program cover
    • living Expenses
    • Travel expenses
  • Practice Meeting
    • Washington
    • Arizona
    • New York
  • Meeting Time
    • January
    • April
    • August
    • September

Short Information: why this program is offered by the United state with help of McCain Institute the aim of program or target is to let and extend their humanity network with leaders from the United States and other countries.

Note: The candidates in the U.S. can bring their family, but the Institute does not cover the family expenses.

How to Apply

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