MBA Skoll Scholarships at oxford university 2020

Description About scholarship

The MBA Skoll Baccalaureate is open to international students at the University of Oxford, UK. The bursary offers a Masters ‘ MBA in Business Administration, a program that is taught at Oxford University. The scholarship deadline is 10 January 2020.

It’s fully sponsored. The bursary covers the entire costs for tuition, college fees and partial living costs based on requirements up to £ 14,777.

Entrepreneurship selection

  • You have identified the potential for positive social changes and take action.
  • You preferably have spent at least three years driving change through entrepreneurship.
    • A social venture has begun or developed.
    • The extension of an organization’s social impact program.
    • Tackling a certain social/environmental problem via a core thread.
  • Create an impact-focused on change in systems
    • You will show the results and consequences of your business activity.
    • Your influence highlights unequal working systems and practices.
  • Personal qualities of a social entrepreneur
    • You are a power to change positively.
    • You are self-aware and persistent, ready to fail and restart it again
    • You have a preference for action
    • You prefer to discover the possibilities and tools in your community
  • The Oxford MBA is key for your career
    • You can show why corporate education is important to help your work/impact develop right now

Note: To access the application form, and for detailed information on how to apply for the bursary, it is important to visit the official web site (link below). Deadline: 10 January 2020

Here is the official website link – Click here