Managing Innovation Free Online Course

Managing Innovation Free Online Course

Apply for this course for free and learn how the project will develop your abilities and your idea. You will learn about the different models of the prototype and can build your own prototype during this course.

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  • Opportunity type: free
  • Opportuity: Online Cours
  • Study Type: Online
  • Gender: Male and Female
  • Avaibility: International
  • Duration: 3 Weeks
  • Deadline: No

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  1. Explore the cycle of creativity and what creative means
  2. The creation of creative concepts and their application to real-world situations
  3. The value of repetition when it comes to creativity
  4. The various stages of prototyping
  5. Validate your business model and put your ideas into perspective
  6. NaviProM: The four approaches to project innovation

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The course for

This course is valuable to businessmen or people within organizations who aim to incorporate creativity into their way of operating. The course is also useful for undergraduates or postgraduates studying courses in business administration, innovation, marketing or life sciences at universities


  • Describe the process of innovation and what innovativeness means
  • Using an ideation strategy to create new ideas
  • Produce a question-answer to a problem that has already been established
  • Think of the importance of repetition in creativity
  • Identify the various prototyping stages
  • Produce a prototype
  • Think about the importance of providing and receiving constructive feedback to improve an idea
  • Explore the NaviProM model and its uses in innovation projects management
  • Evaluate your business model using the Canvas Business Model (BMC)

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