Learning English in simple ways


  • What is Direct Speech?
  • What is Indirect Speech?
  • Parts of Direct Speech Sentence
    • Reporting speech
    • Reported Speech
  • Direct and Indirect Speech Rules
    • Rule No: 1. No Quotation marks
    • Rule No: 2. Use of ‘that’
    • Rule No: 3. Change of Subjects in indirect speech
    • Rule No:4. Change in verb form
    • Rule No: 5. Change in Tense Form
    • Rule No: 6. For Universal truth
  • Use of Direct and Indirect Speech with rules and examples
  • Assertive Sentences
    • How to change Direct Indirect Speech for Assertive Sentences?
    • Study the Examples below
  • Direct Indirect Speech Change for Imperative Sentences
    • Basic Rules
    • Study the Examples Below
  • Direct and Indirect Speech For Interrogative Sentences
    • Rules
    • Study the Examples Below
  • Direct and Indirect Speech with Optative Sentences
    • What are the rules of reported speech for Optative Sentences?
    • Study the Examples Below
  • Exclamatory Sentences
    • Rules
    • Study the Examples Below

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