Khan Academy Free For every student, every classroom

Khan Academy is a free ( nonprofit ) online study platform for every student, teachers, and children to provide free, world-class education for anyone who has difficulty in school and university subjects you can find your answer.

Why you should selcet Khan Academy ?

  1. Personalized learning
  2. Trusted content
  3. Tools to empower teachers
Personalized learning
Students train at their own tempo, covering weaknesses in their knowledge first and then speeding up their learning.
Trusted content
Khan Academy’s library of trustworthy instruction and lectures, developed by professionals, includes mathematics, science, and more. Completely open for teachers and learners.
Tools to empower teachers
With Khan Academy, teachers will recognize differences incomprehension of their students, customize teaching, and fulfill each student’s needs.

How to apply

There is more option for every one to start tody to iporve his o her knowlgae

For more information terms and conditions please visit the official website of Khan Acadamy