Kabul University Year 1970

Kabul University Year 1970

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Kabul University is Afghanistan’s oldest and biggest higher education institution. It has not only given training to a big amount of Afghans throughout its long history since 1930 but also gained popularity in the region by attracting numerous learners from our neighboring nations. Kabul University (KU) had a wealthy culture, history, academic excellence, and decades of wars and instability in Afghanistan were devastating.

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Our vision is to turn Kabul University into an internationally acknowledged learning and research institution, a community of shared governance stakeholders, and a center of creative thinking and practice.


Our mission is to train disciplined men and women who can tailor worldwide understanding to the financial, cultural and historical context of Afghanistan, contribute to the development of fresh understanding and are dedicated to the Islamic democratic principles embodied in the constitution of Afghanistan.

The goal of Kabul University is to achieve the following targets:

  • Developing generations of skilled Afghans, proud of the Islamic and cultural heritage of their nation.
  • Preserving Afghan society’s identity and preserving its moral and social values.
  • In undergraduate and graduate programs, create, encourage and retain excellence.
  • Establishing, developing and carrying out teaching, research and scholarship.
  • To play an efficient role as part of global citizenship in the growth of Afghan society’s science, social and economic elements.
  • Establishing and maintaining close connections in academic and research areas with domestic and global universities and organizations.

We have recognized a number of limitations that prohibit our vision from becoming realized. Some of Kabul University’s severe problems include the availability of sufficient infrastructure needed such as schools, laboratories, libraries, and the absence of skilled teaching employees resulting from many years of war and destruction. In order to realize our vision, we need to modify the University’s organisation in critical areas such as reviewing the amount of colleges and departments, reorganizing key administrations, preparing a long-term educational approach and allowing it to drive the University’s physical planning, orienting the University towards the objective of creating a learning atmosphere for learners. I, therefore, invite all our domestic and foreign friends and Afghan expatriates to contribute to the above-mentioned goals.

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