Scholarships Master program in Physics in Iran by IASBS and ICTP

Scholarships Master program in Physics in Iran by IASBS and ICTP

Physics students who are interested in pursuing a degree in physics will be informed that the International Institution (ICTP) and the University (IASBS) will continue their previous partnerships with Afghanistan, as well as a number of postgraduate scholarships (master’s / master’s degrees) each year in Iran.

Therefore, I hope that all friends, regardless of circumstances and interests, will be aware of this opportunity, and will be able to register and complete their form sooner and take advantage of this opportunity.
This scholarship is for students who have graduated from the Faculty of Science, Department of Physics and are not accepted as graduates of education.
Friends, time is limited, please cooperate in sharing.

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  • Opportunity type: Fully Funded
  • Opportunity: Scholarship
  • Scholarship level:  BSc
  • Institute: The University (IASBS) | The International Institution (ICTP)
  • Gender: Male and Female
  • Duration: 2 years with a Master thesis
  • Study Country: Iran
  • Feild of Study: Physics
  • Cours Language: Persian ( Dari )
  • Program Start: September 2020
  • Deadline: 10 June 2020


  • Applicant must have a BSc in Physics from a Science Faculty by September 2020
  • Applicant must have a great academic background ( excellent grade )
  • Applicant age should not be more than 28 years old

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Financial Coverage

  • There are two types of scholarship available a fully funded Scholarship or a partial scholarship
  • The successful applicant for a fully-funded scholarship will receive 1200 Euro/year from ICTP
    • Accommodation
    • Health insurance
    • Subsistence
  • The successful applicant for a partial scholarship will receive 50% each/year from ICTP
    • Tuition cost

Note: Sucesfull candidate must submit their thesis by September 2022.


  • Application form
  • Personal details
  • Transcripts
  • Applicant should provide presentations, posters, of communication of physics or research, awards and your original research or other projects in physics
  •  A short statement of why you want to apply for the MSc Physics and what you want to achieve, and your future plans after the masters.

How to apply

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Please the application form carefully and late application will not accept, you should use for you all documents and application in PDF format you should use this Subject line Below

For more information please visit the official website

Scholarship for Masters degree in Physics
Scholarship for Masters degree in Physics

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