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Cambridge International Organization (CIO)

Cambridge International Organization for Professional and Academic English was founded in 2003 with the goal of providing Intensive Academic English Packages (TOEFL IBT, IELTS, TESOL, ESP, EFL, and DEL) and enhancing the English ability of Afghans and helping them to successfully complete international testing; it is a private non-governmental organization that teaches English according to the United States;

Job Location: Balkh
Nationality: National
Category: Education, Training
Employment Type: Full Time
Salary: 90,000 upto 100,000 AFN (20% Admin Tax Deduction
Vacancy Number: CIO/IBRD/MZR 006 CAT1
No. Of Jobs: 4
City: Mazar i Sharif (Only Non Residents of Mazar i Sharif Can Apply)
Organization: Cambridge International Organization (CIO)
Years of Experience: Minimum 8 Years
Contract Duration: 3-5 Years Extendable
Gender: Male
Education: University Degree
Close date: 17 Oct, 2019


  1. Free accommodation.
  2. Outstanding breakfast.
  3. Queen’s lunch.
  4. Lunch for the best.
  5. Laundry service free of charge.
  6. Service lasts 24 hours.
  7. Allowance for the Fitness Room.
  8. Monthly Mobile Credit Cards.
  9. Internet service free of charge.
  10. Round trip (Mazar to Kabul–Kabul to Mazar) Allowance for travel.
  11. If the family moves to MazarI Sharif Cambridge International, half of the rent will be paid.


  1. Work Activities for: “English Language Senior Lecturer Training and Teaching Others — Identifying others ‘ educational needs, designing courses or classes for formal education or training, and teaching or guidance to others.
  2. Creative Thinking — Create, model, or create new technologies, concepts, relationships, structures, or goods, including creative contributions
  3. Interpreting the Meaning of Knowledge for Others — Translating and describing the meaning of knowledge and how to use it.
  4. Communicating with Superiors, Peers, and Subordinates — Providing information by telephone, in writing, e-mail, or in person with superiors, co-workers, or subordinates.
  5. Coordinating, preparing, and prioritizing tasks — Developing concrete goals and plans for prioritizing, coordinating, and carrying out the job.
  6. Obtaining data — track, collect and otherwise obtain information from all relevant sources.
  7. Establishing and sustaining interpersonal relationships — establishing and maintaining positive and cooperative working relationships with others over time.
  8. Decision making and problem solving — Analyzing data and analyzing outcomes to select the best solution and solve problems.
  9. Training and Developing Others — Identifying other people’s developmental challenges and training, mentoring, or otherwise helping others enhance their skills or abilities.
  10. Scheduling Events and Projects — Scheduling meetings, services and projects as well as other people’s jobs.



  1. Also full-time jobs are available
  2. Recruiting only Balkh Province non-residents.
  3. It is strictly necessary to have minimum of years of teaching advanced levels.
  4. Teaching skill is required for hours per day.
  5.  9 Hours Teaching is Scheduled from 6:00 AM upto 7 PM


  1. Free Accomodation.
  2. Excellent Breakfast.
  3. Royal Lunch.
  4. Best Dinner
  5. Free Laundry Service.
  6. 24 Hours Service.
  7. Gym Facility Allowance.
  8. Mobile Credit Cards on Monthly Basis.
  9. Free Internet Service.
  10. Round Trip (Mazar to Kabul–Kabul to Mazar) Transportation Allowance.
  11.  In case of moving family to Mazar i Sharif,
  12. Cambridge International will pay half of the house rent.


Please submit your CV and cover letter to the following email address with the Job Vacancy Number.