12 District Manager Positions at BRAC Afghanistan

  • Full Time
  • Multi Cities
  • Applications have closed

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12 District Manager Positions at BRAC Afghanistan

First established in Bangladesh and currently in 10 countries in Asia and Africa, BRAC works as a non-governmental development agency. In 2002, BRAC started operations in Afghanistan.


  • Position Title: District Manager
  • Employment: Full Time
  • Salary:  11436 AF
  • Contract type: Project-based
  • Vacancy number: AD#AF 41/20
  • No. of vacancies: 12 free Vacancies
  • Job Location: Multi Cities
  • Organization: BRAC Afghanistan
  • Gender: Male and Female
  • Experience: 3 – 4 years
  • Probation period:  Three Months
  • Deadline: May 24, 2020

Job Locations

  • Kabul
    • District 16-Qalai Noman – 1 vacancy
    • District 5-Company – 1 vacancy
    • Paghman – 1 Vacancy
  • Parwan
    • Jabul-U-Siraj – 1 Vacancy
  • Kapisa
    • Nijrab – 1 vacancy
  • Baghlan
    • Nahrin – 1 vacancy
    • Banu – 1 Vacancy
  • Kunduz
    • Emam Saheb – 1 vacancy
  • Samangan
    • Khoram Sarbagh – 1 vacancy
  • Balkh
    • Sholgara – 1 vacancy
  • Nangarhar
    • Kama – 1 vacancy
    • Khewa – 1 vacancy

The district manager will be responsible for carrying out the project operations, for example, recruitment of selected beneficiaries, group service, instruction, and organizational skills development of the teachers in CBE and PPS schools.


  1. In the case of a reportable incident, some may be triggering the safeguarding notification protocol.
  2. It is the responsibility of the team members to have proper training, support, and access to resources on issues that arise and act in line with the policy and procedure of protection.
  3. To be a central source of assistance, advice, and know-how to ensure a safe workplace.
  4. To establish a philosophy of security at all system levels by enforcing the policy of protection.
  5. To examine the site refresher module, PO’s teaching practices, lesson target for the next month, and the teachers’ attendance.
  6. Organizing staff and monitoring meetings and providing adequate feedback to maintain quality.
  7. To keep the system current and improve the AGE employees’ ability.
  8. For the production of an information report, information report for students and teachers, monthly cash application, assessment of the employees, and the renewal of contracts and for approval by the Provincial Bureau.
  9. In order to reflect the Action Plan of the Program Organizers, POs weekly school visitation report, the POs Mothers meeting report and the participation of the teachers, the teachers’ lessons and assessment registers, the attendance of students and taking into an account Group activity, performance, class discipline, and health services.
  10. For curriculum managers and teachers, NGO Teachers, CBS, and PPS Schools are supervised by at least 40 schools a month.
  11. CBE Seminars and the understanding of schooling and benefits and obligations within the neighborhood parents and their participation in community-based school management. Community-based school management.
  12. Check the inventory and stock log correctly and make a regular inventory audit every three months and maintain inventory documents and supplies.
  13. Take security precautions with the participation of the CBE college, teachers, and graduates.
  14. Be responsible for addressing social problems if any by contacting the district Shura, the SMS, the Directors of District Education, the Hub School Shura, other governing bodies, and all relevant institutions.
  15. Establish strong relationships with numerous community partners and retain regular communication with the Board of Education and the Public School.
  16. Support the Education Administrator prepare an implementation schedule for the district such as a schedule for the implementation of kindergarten, CBE, and the City PPS.


  • Have a bachelor degree
  • In particular in local languages (Dari / Pashtu) Strong contact skills
  • English language skills for speaking and writing
  • Have computer knowledge
  • Management skills
  • Works alongside government and non-governmental organizations

How to apply

To apply for the vacancy you should hand over your  Documents to this dress in your province

BRAC office, Kabul:

Khusal Khan, Koch-e-Dewan Bigi,

Koche-02, Khatemul Anbia, house no-05, city-05, Kabul.

BRAC office, Parwan

Charikar, backside of Masjid Haji Wazir Khan,

Haji Ayub house, Parwan.

BRAC office, Kapisa

Mohammad Raqi, Chowk-e-Guldan,

Beside Alsafa Clinic, Zaghera, Kapisa

BRAC Office, Baghlan

First Street of Nawabad 600 Koti,

BRAC Office, Pulikhumri, Baghlan.

BRAC Office, Kunduz

Radio & TV Street, In front of Pastor Hospital,

BRAC office, Kunduz city, Kunduz.

BRAC Office, Samangan:

Takht-e-Rustam Street, Sanjitak Road,

House #2, BRAC Office, Aybak, Samangan.

BRAC Office, Balkh:

Kart e Bokhdi, in front of Salib e Sorkh (RED CROSS office),

Mazar City, Balkh.

BRAC Office, Nangarhar:

House No-03, Behind University Teaching Hospital (opposite of White House hotel), Arbapan, Jalalabad, Nangarhar.

Or you can also apply online for these positions here.

If you have any problems and questions about the job and how to apply, please contact BRAC at 0773020100.

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