iPhone Photography Awards Competition for the international photographer

IPPAWARDS Award | iPhone Award | Competition

Global photographers are eligible for the iPhone Photography Awards competition. Anyone who’s taken the pictures with iPhone or iPad and hasn’t submitted their original works for another exhibition. The applicant should submit there work before Deadline: 31 March 2020.

Prizes for Competitor

Both photographers will compete for the year award titles prestigious IPPA Photographer, and the top three winners will receive a coveted award that will be revealed after completion.

Winner categories

  • The first 18-category winner gets a Gold Star.
  • The second and their 8-category winner will get a Palladium bar.
  • The first, second, and the work of their winner will be published in the online gallery and materials at IPPAWARDS.
  • Both winners will be accredited IPPAWARDS.
  • All the winners will be mentors by IPPAWARDS judges ‘ qualified mentors.

Program fees

  • 1 image 3.50 $
  • 3 images 9.50 $
  • 5 images 15.50 $
  • 10 images 29.50 $
  • 15 images 45.50 $
  • 20 images 57.00 $
  • 25 images 65.50 $


  • All photo you submit should be in original
  • The photo that you submit should be your work
  • The photo, you submitted should not reflect the misleading impaction


  • The photo should be taken by iPhone or iPad
  • That photo you submit should not be nominated by another prize
  • The photo should not be Edited by other photo editor software
  • Your free to use any product from apple
  • You can choose your photo 1000 pixels in either height or width

How to apply

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For more information please visit the official website