International Youth Summer School in Reykjavik, Iceland

International Youth Summer School in Reykjavik, Iceland

The International Youth Summer School, to be held in Reykjavik, Iceland from 25 to 30 June 2020, is a rare platform for foreign social entrepreneurs, academics, everyone working at or with business incubators or accelerators with a Master’s or Ph.D. degree and job experience in the field of education and community programs. This short term program will be held at the University of Iceland and will welcome 90 applicants from across the globe. The summer curriculum will help the applicants train them for potential future shifts. When you are able to catch the knowledge and education by the growth of different parts of the worldwide community so apply today and be part of a special system.


  • Opportunity type: Applicant pay for some cost
  • Opportunity: Event
  • Awarding Country: Iceland
  • City: Reykjavik
  • Gender: Male and Female
  • Event Availability: International
  • No. of participants: 90 participants
  • Duration Event: A week
  • Institute: Iceland University
  • Deadline: 24 April 2020  

What you Should pay

Note: Your Payment is Non-refundable

  • 200 € with accommodation
  • 150 € without accommodation


  • Program food
  • Accommodation
  • Two shared rooms
  • Educational and interactive talks
  • Engagement
  • Inspirational lessons
  • Learning new skills, expertise, experience and will assist candidates with their future careers
  • Cultural opportunities to obtain job experience in the magnificent city of Reykjavik
  • Participation of individuals with the same spirit who come from various areas of the world


  • applicant age is 18 to 35 years
  • Applicants with a master’s or doctoral degree, social entrepreneurs, academics, everyone working at or with incubators or accelerators for startups
  • Applicants employed in the workforce or employment industries.
  • Applicants Must be eager in future skills, longevity at work and participation of the international youth community or in relevant areas
  • Applicants Should have good Language skills


  • Application form
  • CV
  • One-minute video answers to the question below
    • What motivated you to apply for the future skills international youth summer school?
    • What is your idea about the possible engagement of the young generation of future improvement skills for workplace sustainability?
    • How will you use the gathered knowledge and experience from the summer school?

How to apply

Apply Now

For more information please visit the official website