Indian Bachelor Scholarship for Heirs of Military Martyrs and Military Disabled

The State of India has announced 377 bachelor’s degree scholarship to the Ministry of Government of Afghanistan for Martyrs and Disabled Persons for the purpose of enhancing the capacity and strengthening of human resources for martyrs and persons with military disabilities; Persons with disabilities will distribute these scholarships to those persons that are eligible.

Ministry of higher of Afghanistan: You can download the Application form here

Who is Eligible to apply

  1. Should be Afghan Citizen
  2. Shadat Nama – numarat 3 salah
  3. Good English Speaking Skills
  4. Applicants must be between 18 and 30 years of age
  5. Having martyr scripture containing the name of the applicant and his / her disability card.
  6. copy of the online form

The applicant with that document we have mentioned apply to the Ministry of Martyrs and Disability, for those applicants living in the province can apply to the Martyrs and Disability Affairs of their respective provinces.